Cute boots

26 05 2007

We took some time out yesterday to go to Manjimup to do some shopping and have lunch. One of our last stops was to see what the Manjimup Trading Company had in store (they were closed the last time we were in Manji). Amongst all the farm stuff were some wellington boots – and these highly cute rain boots! I would have bought the leopard print ones (really!) but they didn’t have my size. So I got the denim-look ones, and christened them today out in the wet grass and clay soil of the backyard so they’re not as pristine now!

Denim-look rain boot

Lemon time

26 05 2007

Lemon cut within 5 minutes of picking

We now have our own lemon tree in the backyard and it’s starting to get weighed down with lemons. Fortunately, they don’t all ripen at once! I picked a dozen or so this morning, and within 5 minutes of picking, they were being cut and juiced, ready to be frozen as lemon ice cubes.