The walk

25 10 2007

One of friends had a birthday, so six of us went out to dinner on Monday night to the only restaurant open in town. Nice evening, good BYO wines, VERY ordinary food.

As we were about to leave, some of our group got talking to a large group at a nearby table. They were walkers from a big fundraising walk for motor neurone disease (MND), and Ken Judge, the ex-West Coast Eagles coach was with them. Seems they’re walking from Perth to Albany, and Monday night they’d made it to Bridgetown.

Having seen a work colleague go through the early stages of this debilitating disease some years ago, I happily handed over a donation.



One response

22 03 2022
Shannon Storey

I helped organise that walk. I was working from Melbourne and didn’t get to come along. I did make it to the launch which I was pleased about despite doing a fly in fly out!
So sad that Ken, who was doing such a great thing for his mate later died of cancer at 58. Too young.

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