Bathroom renos: Day 1

13 02 2023

7:30 am Day 1 of bathroom renos. Strip-out boss and project manager arrive right on time.

By 9am, the strip-out crew had removed most of the fittings—shower screens, vanity cupboards and basin (not sure about the bath yet [updated: bath was removed around 9:30]), and have just started on some noise-making stuff. So far, no need for noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones. But brick cutting will come…

Skip bin containing fittings removed from bathroom

And they tented off the main hall with blue plastic to reduce the dust, as well as the insects that would likely come in through the wide-open front doors. With the internal doors closed, it’s like going through airlocks to get to various parts of the house.

Blue plastic taped in the hallway to shield the rest of the house from dust and insects

By 10am, the bathroom was looking like a demolition site.

Photo showing where the bath had been. Tiles stripped of the walls and lots of rubble on the floor. Extraction fan at the window to remove most of the dust

And the front of the house was looking like a storage yard. I like how they’ve put dropsheets down everywhere to protect floors, concrete paths etc.

Front of the house, showing piled boxes of tiles, new vanity furniture, bags of tiling cement and grout, and dropsheets covering the areas where the tradespeople walk

More updates to come… we’re only 3 hours into a 3 week reno…

As at lunch time on Day 1. All the tiles have now been stripped from the walls and floor, and the toilet removed. Next comes the brick cutting to widen the doorways.

Vanity and bath removed, as well as surrounding floor and wall tiles

Toilet removed as well as surrounding floor and wall tiles

Shower and hob removed, as well as surrounding floor and wall tiles

The brick cutting started around 1:30pm, and with luck the strip out will all be done today (the project manager said 1 to 1.5 days), so 1 day would be excellent!

The brick cutting was all done within an hour. Not as bad as I expected it to be. Next up is some jack-hammering to cut a recess in the shower to allow the appropriate fall and a few other bits and pieces, then clean-up. They expect to be finished today!

3:30pm: I’m hoping they’ve finished the jack-hammering! It goes through your bones, and I’m a room and a hallway away! You can tell I’ve never been involved in extensive renos before 🙂 The noise-cancelling ear buds aren’t much use against jack-hammering. I feel for the guys doing this sort of work—it would certainly rattle your bones!!

5pm: And the strip-out people have finished their part of the job! The skip bin is getting full..

A nearly full skip bin containing all the old tiles, fittings etc. from the en suite bathroom and toilet

There are no more tiles…

And the doorways to the bathroom and toilet inside the en suite are MUCH wider!

Much wider doorway from the bedroom into the en suite bathroom

Day 1 is DONE. We were told it would be the worst day for noise and dust. The dust appears to be at a minimum and the noise, while bad at times, was mostly bearable.



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