Email from my Mum

5 05 2015

My parents are currently in New Orleans. Here’s an excerpt from an email Mum sent me yesterday:

“We are really enjoying being in the French Quarter as it is very vibrant. Today is the end of the jazz festival so it may quieten down a bit tomorrow. Still trying out different food and venues but it’s fun. Not much coffee to my liking and it’s always in takeaway  cups!! [Note: Mum rarely drinks coffee…]

Tried McDonalds this morning for breakfast and WiFi but it was gross [the breakfast!].

The [hotel] here has WiFi but don’t promote it, but am now connected.”

What I love about this email is that she sent it from her tablet, after finding and connecting to free WiFi. BTW, Mum isn’t a geek by any stretch of the imagination. And she’s 84 this year! 😉

Tablets have changed how older people communicate with the world, and my Mum is living proof of that. As are these people:




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5 05 2015
Gary & Gwen

Thanks Rhonda. What a heart warming Utube!!

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