Spring has sprung

8 09 2013

I spent part of this gorgeous spring Sunday morning in the garden (spraying weeds — not much fun) and I noticed how lots of the plants are bursting into flower. The bees are hard at work too!

Oh, and we have some ancient plant species in our (mostly) native garden.


Green and black kangaroo paw


These orange kangaroo paws are ready to burst into full flower


Something (I suspect birds) is chopping off the new flower heads of some of the kangaroo paws


Yellow kangaroo paws ready to burst into full flower


I think this is a NZ Christmas tree. Magnificent red flowers, though the camera doesn’t do the red justice.


NZ Christmas tree?


One of several varieties of proteas we have in the garden. The flower heads are bright orange, but again, the camera didn’t capture the true colour very well.


Protea flower heads


Closer view of those proteas


Grass tree sending forth its spear. Soon this spear will be about 2 metres long and covered with tine white/yellow flowers


No idea what this one is, but suspect it’s part of the aloe/agave family


Yellow strelitzia


Orange strelitzia


I think this is a cycad of some sort. I’ve never seen that centre ‘crown’ before. The others I have of these don’t have such a dominant crown yet — perhaps they are less mature?


No idea 😉


Also no idea 😉




3 responses

9 09 2013

i think the last one is a Day Lily, I was reading recently how they flower better if the flowers are plucked as they die off.
Love your native garden

9 09 2013

LOVELY!!!! Puh-leeze…..keep those Spring flower photos coming!!!! Fall is beginning its descent (kinda) here. Although the last few days have been above ‘normal’, we know it’s coming. Tomorrow is a heat alert/warning. Temps in the upper 90’s F with indices of 105 F. September??? MN???? Well, we know it will crash! “When” is the question! Great post!!!!! Hugs………

9 09 2013
Tamera in ND, USA

The last two are both different species of Day Lily. So awesome to have “friends” in the southern hemisphere!

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