Navigating the new Yahoo! Groups

11 09 2013

A few weeks ago, the Yahoo! Groups web interface underwent a redesign. Some people on one of my Yahoo! Groups are having trouble finding the uploaded files and how to search for archived messages. So here are the instructions for the members of that group — they apply equally to other Yahoo! Groups that have this new — but less user friendly — interface.

Here’s a screenshot of the new interface; I’ve used numbers to mark the areas I discuss below.


After logging into Yahoo! Groups, you’ll see all your groups listed in the Groups Home panel on the left (#1 in the screenshot above), and your Yahoo! ID will show in the top right corner (#7). Click on the group you want to see.

The main menu for the selected group sits under the banner photo — the active view has a dark blue line underneath it (Conversations [#2] in the screenshot above). When you’re in the Conversations view, you can change the subview from Topics to Messages to Trending. Messages is selected in the screenshot (#3) — when selected, the text changes to black and a tiny pale white indicator shows beneath it. Yes, that indicator is very hard to see!

How to find the files

  1. Click More on the menu bar immediately below the banner picture (#4 in the screenshot).
  2. Select Files.
  3. Click the folder you want to view.
  4. Click the file you want to open. Depending on your browser window settings, the file will either open in your browser, or open independently in the applicable application (e.g. Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word).
  5. If you want to download the file to your own computer, right click on the file, then select Save Link As (for Firefox) or Save target as (Internet Explorer) (I can’t give you the options for other browsers as I don’t have them installed).

How to search the messages

  1. Look ABOVE the banner picture! (yes, it took me a while to find it too!)
  2. Enter your search text in the Search Conversations box (#5 in the screenshot).
  3. Click Search Groups (#6).
  4. Once you’ve got your search results, you can either scroll down, or continue on and do an advanced search (that box is just above the start of the results list).



7 responses

11 09 2013

I didn’t think it was as hard as others seemed to find it but it always takes a bit to get used to “new” anything. Great post!

12 09 2013

Rhonda, Great instructions, as always. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

28 09 2013
Dawn C.

I tried to get on the yahoo site just for HQS16’s but: a) I’m not very computer literate and it said I needed to create a yahoo account, so b) wasn’t sure how to do that (I’m not on facebook)., so went out of it and didn’t attempt anything. Do I just come up with a name and passcode? Then, when I found the site again, and tried to get into it, I got an error message (forgot what it said but didn’t let me in), & c) I’ve lost that site again. Can you help me please, Rhonda….please…haha Thanks!

29 09 2013
Dawn C.

I’m still trying to get on. I did get your email and hit confirm. The Yahoo group I’d like to join is the private group(name?). I’ve tried to create an account but I don’t remember putting in a password when I joined this site, Anyways, when I try to create a password or hit the forgot what it is, I get an invalid username message. Also, Afghanistan (#) comes up, but I hit the U.S. . There were two lines of that. Still totally confused. Thanks Dawn (Is this the right way for me to contact you? I don’t want to “blog down” your site).

29 09 2013

Hi Dawn

If you’re not already a registered user of Yahoo! Groups, you have to register first (‘Sign up’ [NOT ‘Sign in’] in small print in the banner on the Yahoo! Groups home page: On the Sign Up page, you need to enter your last name and the name you want to be known as on Yahoo!, then assign yourself a password and fill in the other mandatory fields.

Once you have registered (you’ll probably get a confirmation email, though it’s years since I signed up), go to and click the big ‘Join Group’ button below the banner. Specify how you’d like to receive posts from the group (e.g. individual emails) and other settings. This group has restricted membership, meaning that the moderator has to approve your request to join before you can read the previous posts, get new posts, ask your own questions etc.

As I said it’s a LONG time since I did any of this so I’m only going from what I vaguely remember.


30 09 2013
Dawn C.

I’ve tried to register, there appears to be a glitch when it comes to entering my mobile phone. I will keep trying. Thanks! Dawn

4 10 2013
Dawn C.

I’m finally in!(fabhoarderplus). I finally found a Yahoo phone number 1-800-318-0612 and spoke to someone. Turns out I needed to click on tool bars top rite corner and go in and delete all my cookies. As I said, I’m not that good on “puter”. Thanks for your help and all your advice on this site!

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