Bali 2013: 12 to 14 September

14 09 2013

This will be short as I’m trying to write it from my tablet and it’s my first time doing that. Not sure I can upload pictures either… But we’ll see how we go…

First, let’s try some pictures. These first photos were from the first place I stayed.

Click on a photo to view it full size.

The next set are from the second resort we moved to on the Saturday.

Activities day 1, after arriving after 10 pm the night before: swim, read, eat, drink, swim, read, sleep, read. Went to the Bumbu Bali restaurant for a fabulous dinner:

Day 2 Saturday: move from resort A to resort B, 30 minute back massage, pedicure, swim, read, laze by the new pool. Dinner tonight is in the new resort.

Tomorrow I’ve booked another back massage and facial (they’re about one tenth the price we pay in Australia!!!), then it will be more pool time;-). Mum and I will go shopping on Monday (dad’s hip is pretty bad so he’ll stay by the pool while we go out and about).