High tide

8 06 2013

A week or so ago we had a lunar perigee, where the moon is the closest to Earth. Around that time as I was driving into town I noticed that the tide was exceptionally high in the estuary… almost to the road. Here are some photos taken from the car (yes, I pulled over but I didn’t get out):




Update 24 June 2013: Last night was the ‘supermoon’, and today when I came back from town around noon, the high tide was lapping the road in parts and had made inroads into some of the car parks and tracks into the estuary. Again, all pictures were taken from the car, when I was stopped.

Note in the last photo that the tide isn’t just on the estuary side — it also raises the water level in the low-lying parts of the other side of the road.









2 responses

11 09 2013

So it’s not just us tourists concerned about those Estuarian Crocs ;-)? We loved our visit to your country and still hope to get back again one day for a longer visit!

11 09 2013

Hi Kathy

No estuarine crocs anywhere near here! They are 1000 to 2000 miles north of here, so no danger of them. The estuary is home to crabs, though — they might nibble your toes, but they aren’t going to cause serious damage like a croc would.

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