Community Quilt 34

1 12 2012

I finished the last of the latest batch of 10 community quilts today.

I had quite a bit of difficulty deciding how to quilt this quilt as there was a lot going on in it. Eventually, I decided to stitch in the ditch along the diagonals of the coloured areas hoping that I’d get inspiration for the rest of the quilt. After doing that, I was still stumped! So I decided to emphasise a small element of the quilt — the cream vertical bars. Again, I stitched in the ditch, extending the stitching from one vertical bar to the next (I used my Line Tamer ruler to stitch all these straight lines — using this ruler is much quicker for me than trying to stitch straight lines on the Sweet Sixteen without it).

Once I’d done the vertical lines, I figured that that was enough quilting for the main quilt top. The last stage was to quilt the ‘white space’ in the border around the appliqued flowers. I decided on a leaf motif (with loops), in keeping with the floral theme in the border. I continued using the same thread I’d used for the rest of the quilt.

Threads used:

  • Top: Fil-Tec Glide, cream (colour 20001; 40 wt)
  • Bobbin: Rheingold Bobbinfil (by Madeira) (white, 70 wt)

Click on a photo to view it larger.




5 responses

2 12 2012

That border turned out so well and definitely follows the floral theme. I have checked out the ruler each time you mention it. It really does help that much?? Still liking the SS overlay?? My “Supreme Slider” is working…for now…and the silicone spray on the table adds a really slick finish! There is that slight rise at the throat plate that would make ruler use difficult. Did send a request for the kit containing additional machine ‘feet’ that is supposed to be some type of “fix” for the various situations that exist (machine too high or low for the table surface!). We’ll see. Still plan on the overlay after the 1st. Hugs, D

2 12 2012

Yes, I really like that ruler — it makes sewing straight lines a breeze. I just hold on to the sides of the ruler and push! And yes, I much prefer the table overlay to the SupremeSlider (I had a Queen size one on prior to getting the overlay). There are NO humps, lumps, bumps that I can feel with it and the ruler sits fine perpendicular or horizontal or any which way without an issue. As I use an open toe hopping foot, I tend to use it mostly perpendicular to me, but not always.

2 12 2012

Love my open toe foot! The little rise on the throat plate did become an issue with the QOV that I just completed (see my post today). The white areas have long bias edges joined to the lattice pieces. When doing the spirals if I pressed a certain way it almost pushed the fabric up creating a slightly stretched ‘poofy’ area. Was very difficult to avoid pleats because of the “extra” fabric this stretching caused. It seemed like so little at the time but it was an issue. Thanks for your input. One more question… it the 1/2″ ruler that works with the open toe foot, also????

2 12 2012

Yes, I use the 1/2″ ruler.

28 01 2013

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