For my US friends

1 12 2012

Whenever I go to the US, I stock up on Tim Tams and hand them out to grateful friends in the US. Tim Tams aren’t readily available there and if you *can* find them in an Aussie shop, they are incredibly expensive and there’s a limited range of flavours.

As an Australian-made biscuit (cookie), we get the full range of flavours and they are readily available in our neighbourhood supermarkets. And they go on sale quite often.

So this picture is for my US friends — it’s my local supermarket’s many shelves of Tim Tams in all sorts of flavours, and all at half price ($1.50 per packet)! (Just as an aside, I don’t like Tim Tams — they are WAY too sweet for my taste!)





One response

2 12 2012

Something for everyone out there!!!

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