2012 FMQ Challenge: October

7 10 2012

I enjoyed October’s FMQ Challenge from Teri Lucas.

This is my first attempt — no practice pieces this time! To make the quilting stand out, I used a plain maroon/burgundy fabric and a contrasting variegated thread.

I may do more later, but the rest of this month is pretty busy for me, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I’d like to try the nautilus shell motif that Teri shows in her tutorial — my first attempts at drawing it were abyssmal šŸ˜‰




6 responses

7 10 2012

Lookin’ like a “pro”! Very nice!!! And the more you do it……………hugs, Doreen

9 10 2012
Marjorie A.Henwood

you did a great job on that piece.

11 10 2012

very beautiful!!!!

13 10 2012
Quilting Babcia

Great job on this, especially for first effort. It’s more complicated than it appears, writing one’s name in stitching!

21 10 2012
Rebecca Grace

Looks good to me, Rhonda, and I was nervous about the nautilus shells, too — but they weren’t as hard as they look. You should try them!

13 12 2012

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