Community Quilt 17

7 10 2012

This quilt top had lots of pinks and greens and florals. It also had a lot of even 9″ blocks — some full pieces of fabric, others of half pieces, while the remainder were 4- or 9-patch blocks. What to do?

First, I choose the possible thread colours, settling on a bright pink rayon for the large flower motifs. Yes, I decided to fill each block with a large free-form flower that had petals going out to each corner and centre side of each block. Later I decided to add small ‘bubbles’ in the centre of each flower, also in pink, though perhaps I could have done those in yellow.

After I’d quilted the large flowers, I felt the quilt needed something to make those flowers pop. This quilting had to be subtle and reasonably dense to allow the flower petals to puff out. So I chose a soft green thread and echo quilted each petal in it, then filled the remaining space with a small-ish stipple in the same green thread. The backing fabric was pretty pink floral on white, so I used a soft pink in the bobbin. I was glad I decided to echo quilt the petals as I think that adds quite a bit of subtle emphasis to the petals.

There are more than 130,000 stitches in this quilt.

Threads used:

  • Pink: Floriani, 40 wt rayon, colour: PF106
  • Green: Isacord, 40 wt polyester, colour Fb 5650 ‘Spring Frost’
  • Bobbin: Wonderfil Deco-Bob, 80 wt, colour DB 205

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2012 FMQ Challenge: October

7 10 2012

I enjoyed October’s FMQ Challenge from Teri Lucas.

This is my first attempt — no practice pieces this time! To make the quilting stand out, I used a plain maroon/burgundy fabric and a contrasting variegated thread.

I may do more later, but the rest of this month is pretty busy for me, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I’d like to try the nautilus shell motif that Teri shows in her tutorial — my first attempts at drawing it were abyssmal 😉