Community Quilt 24

26 10 2012

I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to quilt the last community quilt in the batch of 11 that Lisa gave me in September. But I had a couple of hours this afternoon, and I’d already pin basted it last weekend (that saved me at least an hour).

The only way I was going to get it done in a few hours was to do an all-over motif in a single thread. And a motif that I could do easily and didn’t really have to think about. No rulers, no markings, and nothing too complicated.

The quilt top was lovely — such bright colours and the entire thing was hand-pieced!!! Who know how many hours it took the maker to make…

I decided on a purple/pink thread (King Tut ‘Egyptian Princess’, colour #403), with a pale pink (Deco-Bob) in the bobbin to match pale pink backing fabric. And I decided on what I call an ‘open headband‘ motif.

Here’s the result (click on a photo to view it larger):

And here’s a bit of the back: