Boomer cards

10 06 2012

It’s really hard buying birthday cards these days, especially for guys — the cards are either unsuitable (yachts, golf, car, and beer themed aren’t suitable for someone who doesn’t sail or play golf, isn’t interested in cars, and who prefers red wine!), or are just plain rude or gross (such as cards themed around bodily functions, getting drunk, getting laid, ogling big-breasted women, etc.).

So it was with delight that I found a card suitable for a baby boomer male! The first card below I found in a local store; the second was sent by a friend in the US. Both were just perfect for the recipient! And both were clever without being sentimental mush or smutty.

Card 1 (front):

Card 1 (back):


Card 2 (front):

Card 1 (back):