2012 FMQ Challenge: June (part 2)

9 06 2012

I did three more practice pieces for the June FMQ Challenge. As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to try doing a zentangles in a single colour thread (Madeira rayon embroidery thread, 40 wt, colour 1001).

I also tried a variegated thread for a zentangle, this time in a black, white and grey King Tut thread (Superior Threads, Egyptian cotton, colour 978).

And finally, I did some more bird feathers, stitching quite closely to get the effect of tight feathers. The thread I used for these feathers was a soft pink, white and blue variegated thread (Superior Threads’ Rainbows trilobal polyester, 40 wt, colour 818). As plenty of pink and grey galahs live in my area, I was trying to emulate their gorgeous colours.

I was much happier with the zentangle I did in the white thread, OK with the black/white/grey one, and very pleased with the pink/white/blue feathers.

Now, back to the quilt I’m making…