Stamford Plaza Hotel Sydney Airport

2 03 2012

On my way to the US, I stayed overnight at the Stamford Plaza Hotel at Sydney Airport. The room was HUGE, as was the bed — plenty of room to swing a cat, and even herd a few ;-). The shower had good pressure and good temperature controls. The bed and pillows were comfy, and the air conditioning temperature controls were accurate, with a low fan speed that was unnoticeable. The aircraft noise was minimal, but I could hear it, unlike the Hilton (now something else) at Melbourne Airport or any of the Hong Kong airport hotels where there was NO aircraft noise at all.

However, as is typical with Australian hotels, the Stamford’s internet fees sucked — 55c per minute to a maximum of $29.95.  I’m not sure if the $29.95 was per 24-hour period or per stay — I was only staying for about 15 hours, so I didn’t ask. If it was $29.95 per day, that’s an absolute rort.

Anyhow, I decided to try tethering my phone and using it as my link to the internet — and it worked well! I already pay for 1 GB of data per month on my phone, and rarely use anywhere near that amount as I’m usually linked via my home wireless network, not direct to the internet via 3G.

Here are some photos of my room at the Stamford Plaza (click on a small photo to see it full size):



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