Smoke shroud

19 02 2012

For the past 10 days, the south-west of Western Australia has been blanketed with smoke from bushfires south of Northcliffe, some 360 km south of Perth. The smoke has extended right up past Geraldton, some 600+ km from the source of the fires. We’ve only had a couple of days of respite from the smoke, so everything gets locked up tight and the air conditioning goes on to try to filter the air. The PM10 recording in Perth one day last week was 89 (normally 13!), which compares to polluted cities like Bangkok.

Here are some photos I took of the smoke in our area a couple of days ago. Click on a small photo to show it full size. The scenes of the estuary are telling because there’s a long range of sand dunes on the other side of the estuary, which is almost always visible. Not with this smoke though.

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