The Peabody Hotel, Memphis

16 03 2012

I’ve occasionally stayed in some expensive hotels, but I typically stay in 3- to 4-star places. However, I’ve never stayed anywhere quite like The Peabody in Memphis. In the last few posts, I’ve mentioned some of the awesome things that make this hotel an exceptional place — the famous ducks, the friendly Duckmaster, the beautiful Lobby and mezzanine floors of the original building, the history, the comfy rooms, and the great food we had at the conference.

But what REALLY makes this a very special hotel are the people.

‘Southern hospitality’ might be a term that’s bandied about, but The Peabody lives and breathes it. Every member of staff we encountered was more than just polite — every one (from the maintenance technicians, to the bell hops, housekeepers, wait staff, front desk staff, etc.) looked us in the eye, and greeted us like an honoured guest in their house. Without exception, every one of them exchanged the time of day, asked how we were and how they could help us, and often were humorous while always keeping an appropriate distance in their interactions with the guests.

It was such a pleasure to experience such wonderful 5+-star service. And it was sad to leave such a very special place. If ever I’m in Memphis again, I will do my very best to stay again at this very very fine establishment.

Thank you, Peabody Memphis, for hosting us. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your magnificent ‘home’.


Honorary Duckmaster Sue

16 03 2012

Sue put her name down to be honorary Duckmaster for the 5 pm walk back to the Duck Palace at The Peabody, Memphis, for the day after Shannon did her stint. While others jostled for good photo positions in the Lobby, I went up to the rooftop and waited for the emergence of the ducks, Doug the Duckmaster, and Sue. The ducks are VERY quick once those elevator doors open, so catching them on a still camera is hard 😉

There are nowhere near the numbers up on the rooftop as there are downstairs, so it’s much easier to take pictures… if you can keep up with the ducks 😉

Click a small picture to view it in a larger size.