The Peabody rooftop mixer and dinner

13 03 2012

Some pics from this evening’s ‘mixer’ on the rooftop of The Peabody in Memphis (which is where the Duck Palace is), followed by pics of the meals that some of us had at Capriccio Grill in The Peabody after the mixer. I had the fish (mahi mahi) and asparagus. Oh, and there were fried green tomatoes served as the hot appetizer on the rooftop — they were far more likeable than the taste I had the night before at Kooky Canuck’s. And at breakfast, the butter pats were ducks — too cute!

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The Peabody ducks

13 03 2012

The Peabody is famous for its ducks. Yesterday at 5 pm, I got a glimpse of the duck march back to the elevator and their ‘palace’ on the hotel’s rooftop. I was on the mezzanine floor and there were heaps of people, so the photos weren’t very good. Today, we got to the mezzanine floor too late to see them, then scrambled to get to the rooftop to see them marched to their ‘palace’, but they were already under cover by the time we got up there.

However, I got a few photos, and hope to get more tomorrow as Shannon, the wife of the conference organiser, will be the honorary Duckmaster at 5 pm — I guess most of our conference attendees will be watching her escort the ducks back to their home on the roof (the ducks come into the lobby at 11 am when our sessions are in full swing, then stay there all day, leaving at 5 pm).

Some of these photos are of the duck walk on the carpet back to the elevator, others of the Duck Palace on the rooftop and where the ducks live for 18 hours a day, and some photos are of the Memphis skyline from the rooftop — the river in the background is the mighty Mississippi.

We’re having a function up on the rooftop in about 10 minutes so I’d better get this blog post published and get my sunglasses and camera in order!