End of the week

11 05 2008

I worked at the client’s head office in Brisbane office all day Friday, then J and V and I went out for a pretty nice meal at Il Centro at Eagle Pier. I had the Black Angus Sirloin (300g) with Bearnaise Sauce and it was superb. The three of us shared two desserts – a delicious Zabbaione (sp?) and a selection of gelatos/gelati?. It was good to catch up with J and V – we all worked together in the previous company’s Perth office and all happened to be in the Brisbane office the same week.

I had Saturday and Sunday to myself, so the decision was ‘what to do?’. After our dinner Friday night, Saturday was taken care of – I found out that V was working all day Saturday and probably most of Sunday to get some stuff finished prior to him going to Malaysia Sunday night. I knew on Friday that there was a new part of the program that I had to document on Monday (I’m not available the rest of the week), and it just so happens that V is one of the main developers on that part of the code! So V and I spent most of Saturday in at the office. He continued development and I documented what already exists. It was great too – he demo’d the software to me, gave me a link to a functioning database, and was on hand if I needed help (which I didn’t). Even better, when I found an ambiguous error message he changed it immediately. And it was quiet! No-one else was around, there were no interruptions of people or phones or emails or IMs… A bit like working from home, really.

Saturday evening J and V and I had another meal together, this time at ZenBar in Anzac Square. I had a really nice and very filling Laksa. It’s really close to where I’m staying and they do delivery and takeouts too, so that’s a good option for future visits, or even this coming Monday night.

Safe and sound

8 05 2008

Uneventful drive to Perth, uneventful flight, arrived safe and sound. Uneventful cab ride to hotel, and uneventful check-in. You can’t get any better than that!

Update (later that night): Just dropping off to sleep… when the sound of hammer drills or jackhammers immediately below my room broke through the dream barriers. 10:30pm on a Thursday night is a great time to break up concrete… NOT. Thank goodness I had some ear plugs with me.

More computers

8 05 2008

Since I was last in the Qantas Club lounge at Perth Airport (domestic), they’ve made some changes. When I was here 2 months ago it was a bit of a nightmare as they were doing renovations behind screens, so it was all a little cramped.

Well today it was radically different! I walked in and was immediately in the computer area! They must have some 20 computers here now, all with broadband access, and all open on benches. Cool!

No more queuing or waiting for someone to finish. Thanks Qantas! Now to find a snack and a drink…

Off again

7 05 2008

Tomorrow I head out again—this time just to Queensland. I spend a couple of day’s in my client’s offices, then a half day with a new Queensland client, then it’s off to the Gold Coast for the next conference I’m speaking at. Posts from the conference will be on my professional blog—start looking for them from around May 13.

A few days after I get home, one of the US speakers from the conference—who’s a good friend of ours—arrives to spend a few days with us. I hope the weather is good…

Bridgetown training venues

4 05 2008

I gathered all this information late last week about venues in my town that may be suitable for small group training, and didn’t know where to put it, so I figured I may as well blog about it in case others are looking for this information, or in case I need it again (as Steph would say: “Propping up a dodgy memory”!).

All information relates to Bridgetown, Western Australia and is applicable as at 2 May 2008.

I had to find a venue suitable for 2 trainees and a trainer, each with laptops. My requirements were:

  • relatively cheap
  • heated
  • power outlets
  • suitable desks and chairs
  • tea and coffee facilities (not essential)
  • wall or screen to project computer images on to (not essential)

After some phoning and internet searching, I found these venues:

  • Lesser Hall (Shire): $69 / day (there’s also the main Shire hall but it’s very big)
  • Old Yornup School (Shire): $66 / day (tucked in behind the Telecentre)
  • Bridgetown Hotel: $150 / day (function room)
  • Nelsons: $150 / day (function room)
  • Bridgetown Telecentre: $40 /day (conference room or office; they have a computer training room but it is much more expensive as you pay for the use of the computers too)

These venues were also possibilities, though after I inspected the Telecentre’s facilities and signed up for the conference room, I didn’t look any further so I can’t give any more information about them except that they MAY offer suitable space:

  • Bridgetown Gardens function centre
  • Silver Chain community centre
  • St John Ambulance training room
  • Bridgetown Club
  • Bridgetown Bowling Club
  • Bridgetown Golf Club
  • Bridgetown Tennis Club
  • Bridgetown Recreation Centre
  • Bridgetown Family and Community Centre
  • Ford House B&B and function centre
  • Lucieville Farm Chalets

If anyone else knows the Bridgetown area well, and can add to this list of possible venues for a small group, please do so!