Mmmm… new fabric!

21 02 2008

Like I need more fabric! NOT. We have two fabric stores in our small town of less than 5000 people, but still I had to go online and look… I bought a whole heap of fabric for my stash from Busy Thimbles a week ago, and it arrived safe and sound early this week.

I lasted about a half day before succumbing to the lure of it, and washing and ironing it ready for whenever I need it.

Memo to self: DO NOT buy fabric unless you are ready to use it! ‘Topping up the stash’ is not a valid excuse.

Fabric flapping in the breeze

More fabric

I just counted them—35 fat quarters and 4 metre lengths (two are Aboriginal prints—one in blues and black, the other in ochres and purples). The browns and greens were in 10-fat quarter packs, but I chose the rest myself.




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14 03 2008

I continue to buy fabric I love and maybe dont need. My favorite place to buy fabric online is for sure which you can also go to by clicking

Everything there is almost always on sale and they have an in house designer to help you with your selections free of charge.


30 03 2009
Another laptop bag « At Random

[…] — Char regularly travels to client offices and meetings), greens? Then I saw it… the blue Aboriginal fabric I’d purchased over the internet some time back just over a year ago. Char’s been to Australia and I’m pretty sure […]

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