Mmmm… new fabric!

21 02 2008

Like I need more fabric! NOT. We have two fabric stores in our small town of less than 5000 people, but still I had to go online and look… I bought a whole heap of fabric for my stash from Busy Thimbles a week ago, and it arrived safe and sound early this week.

I lasted about a half day before succumbing to the lure of it, and washing and ironing it ready for whenever I need it.

Memo to self: DO NOT buy fabric unless you are ready to use it! ‘Topping up the stash’ is not a valid excuse.

Fabric flapping in the breeze

More fabric

I just counted them—35 fat quarters and 4 metre lengths (two are Aboriginal prints—one in blues and black, the other in ochres and purples). The browns and greens were in 10-fat quarter packs, but I chose the rest myself.