Community craft day

9 02 2008

So far there aren’t a lot of houses built on the estate where we have our land. As a result, the function centre sits unused for a lot of the time.

One of the ladies—who’s in the process of building with her husband—has kicked off what we hope will become a regular gathering at the function centre. She realised that a lot of the women residents and landowners do some form of craft, so she’s scheduled three Saturday afternoons over the next three months for the ladies to get together and do their craft. The aim is to start forming a community. I think it’s just an excuse to meet each other and have a natter!

The men and children are invited to join us later in the day for a BBQ, tennis, billiards, cards, or whatever, but the afternoon belongs to the women.

The first craft afternoon starts today—in about 20 minutes in fact! My car is loaded with my sewing machine, some of my fabric stash, cutting board and tools, etc. I hope to make some more progress on the dragonfly quilt (more leaves, possibly tendrils), and if I get that done, then I’ve got fabric to cut for the next project whirling away in my head!

Here’s hoping the afternoon is a success. Those of us who do turn up will have a great time anyway!

Update: Three turned up… a spinner and two quilters. When husbands joined us for the BBQ, there were five. Still, it’s a start. It did clash with the date of the monthly garden group gathering, which meant that some who may have attended didn’t because they were off with the garden group, so our organiser may change the date. I can’t make the next one anyway as I’ll be away.