Blue and gold stars

20 02 2008

Back in 2001 I met this lovely technical writer—Gretchen—at a conference in Chicago, and we got reacquainted at some later conferences. We keep in occasional contact and we read each other’s blogs to see what’s going on in our respective lives—hers in upstate New York, mine in Western Australia. Gretchen is a wonderful and eloquent writer, and her blog posts often make me smile. Many make me cry too—tears of joy and of sadness.

Well, she’s done herself proud! Gretchen is also the mother of a Marine serving in Iraq and recently she volunteered to speak at a very special and heartbreaking ceremony…

My words cannot adequately describe this event and its significance, so I’ll introduce Gretchen to you and ask you to read her own words:

And after you’ve read that, read about her random acts of kindness:

I feel privileged to know such a kind and compassionate person. Thank you, Gretchen!