Training fails miserably

26 01 2008

I’m not sure if it’s the education system, or the specific customer service training that people get, but this YouTube video highlights how ANY information you receive from a customer service representative over the phone is suspect.

The issue is not that the customer service people didn’t have the information to hand (some obviously didn’t), but that even with the correct information, they didn’t know how to communicate it correctly to the customer.

Vote for TFP!

26 01 2008

One of my favourite blogs (listed in my blogroll on the right) is The Food Pornographer (TFP). No, it’s nothing like you think! It’s a blog written by a lady in Perth about her food and dining experiences and contains lots of wonderful photos of the everyday fare she eats at home, friends’ places, and in restaurants. I like her writing style, and her photos are mouth-wateringly terrific.

Anyhow, she’s obviously gained a bit of a following, as she’s now one of five finalists in the Best Food Weblog category in the global Bloggie Awards, which will be announced at the South by SouthWest Conference in Austin, TX in March.

Voting for the best blogs in the world closes on January 31, so you’ve only got a few days to get your votes in. You can cast your vote here:

You don’t need to cast a vote in all categories—just the ones where you’re familiar with the blog. And if you’re not familiar with TFP, go take a look at some of her posts, or just vote for her blog anyway!

BTW, in one of those ‘Twilight Zone’ moments, the South by SouthWest Conference is one I’d love to attend one day. I’ve listened to most of the podcasts related to web, user experience etc. from previous conferences, and they’re always good.