Float like a butterfly

3 09 2007

It was *such* a nice day today – really spring-like. The air was warm, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the flowers are starting to bloom. So when I popped in to town to get the mail, pick up the milk etc., I left the car in the car park and walked from the Post Office to the other stores.

On the way, I went past the chiropractors’. My lower back has really been hurting the past couple of weeks, especially when I’ve been pulling weeds. Of course, carrying too much weight doesn’t help, nor does working on the computer all day. With the long drive to Perth tomorrow then the even longer flight to Brisbane, then repeating that coming back on Thursday, I figured I should treat my back to some realignment.

It’s many years since I heard the crunches, clicks, pops, and snaps of a chiropractor. And despite all the noises and some painful moments, I felt terrific afterwards. I felt like I was standing taller and walking straighter – almost like floating! Of course, I could be in agony tomorrow, but I hope that everything’s back in place and happy now. At least for a while.

Thanks Abbie!



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