Lemon math

15 09 2007

Many recipes call for “the juice of 2 lemons”, for example. But when I have a surfeit of lemons, I pick a couple of large bags of them and squeeze and freeze them in ice cube trays. So “the juice of 2 lemons” doesn’t mean much to me… Today I decided to change that, using what I’ve just termed “lemon math”!

I picked 24 lemons, squeezed them, then poured them in to ice cube trays. Then I counted the ice cubes—70 from those 24 lemons, which works out at 2.91 lemon ice cubes per lemon. Close enough to three for me! So next time I get a recipe like that, I’ll know to use three of my lemon ice cubes to substitute for each lemon. (Yes, I could’ve looked this up on the internet, but hey, I had to juice those lemons anyway, so it was just as easy to do the math myself.)

Marzipan knitting

15 09 2007

I have no clue how I came across this blog post (http://veganyumyum.com/2007/06/knit-night-cupcakes/), but for a first-timer, the author sure put her four hours to a very creative use of marzipan!

Even more excitement!

15 09 2007

Collingwood beat West Coast Eagles last night at Subiaco Oval in an absolute nail-biter. I was only watching it on TV and I was on the edge of my seat! At full time, the scores were level. So for only the second time in AFL history (according to the commentators), a final went in to extra time—a six minute break, followed by two 5 minute ‘halves’ with a 2 minute break between halves when the coaches weren’t allowed on the field.

Collingwood kicked three goals in that short time to win by 19 points, so they’re in to the Preliminary Final against Geelong at the MCG in Melbourne next Friday night. I’ve been checking the airfares… If they win that game, they’re in the Grand Final. Who’d’a thought???