Even incident reports can be funny

16 04 2009

I just saw this incident report from a client (who shall remain nameless). Normally I just skim these, but the first line of the incident caught my eye, so I kept reading. The incident wasn’t funny, but I laughed out loud at the final sentence 😉

BTW, “IP” is “Injured Person”.

There's even humour in incident reports

There's even humour in incident reports

The interview

28 03 2009

One of the things planned for the time I was in California was an interview conducted by my friend Whitney from Connecticut. Whitney had suggested me as a potential subject for an “After Hours” column in the STC’s Intercom, and to put her money where her mouth was, she also offered to ‘interview’ me about my quilting.  We did that yesterday afternoon — and it’s interesting how much in common quilting has with technical writing. Who’d have thought? 😉 When/if the article gets published, you’ll be able to read all about the connections…

An MCSE is…

21 11 2007

Lots of interesting discussion is happening today on one of my technical communication/writing lists about certification (again!). In amongst all the arguments for and against (mostly against), was this definition of an MCSE:

“Minesweeper Consultant and Solitaire Expert”.

LOL! The real definition is “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer”, but I like the alternative better.

I worked with someone like this

9 11 2007

My Google Alert for ‘Technical Writing” threw up this blog post this morning.

My first reaction was that he (?) hated women in positions of authority, but then I kept reading. He could have been in my head writing about a documentation manager I had a few years back when I worked for a Large Company.  I haven’t had enough experience working for doc managers to know whether his diatribe applies across the board, but it definitely applied to the person I worked for.

Somebody got burned…

31 10 2007

I came across this warning list of things to look for when trying to identify a scam publisher. It’s pretty comprehensive and mostly good advice. I get the feeling from the tone of the writing – especially the list of nasty companies and websites at the end – that the person has been badly burned by the ‘get rich quick by publishing your own book’ schemes.

I like the title of the page too – ‘Preditors and Editors’. Clever.

Two great resource lists

31 10 2007

The Online Education Database has two terrific resources in its online library:

You could spend WEEKS checking these out…


Pixel to em converter

26 10 2007

Cool tool for anyone trying to figure out what a font size in pixels is in ems (Yes, I know that’s maybe three of my readers, but what the heck – by posting it here I’ll remember it!)

It’s here: http://riddle.pl/emcalc/

Thanks to the Boagworld RSS feed for alerting me to this cool tool.