Wondering who you all are…

21 04 2007

I’ve been writing my blog for just over a year now, and in that time I’ve written over 200 posts.

The thing that fascinates me most, though, is who my readers are. I know some of you: Suzanne in Tasmania, Char in Massachusetts, Craig from Melbourne now in Seattle, Karen in Denmark, TFP in Western Australia, Whitney in Connecticut… But who are the rest of you? I average between 20 and 50 hits a day on my blog, but less than one comment a day, so somebody is reading something as I’ve had over 5000 hits since I started last March (2006). And some of you are reading regularly as I average between 10 and 20 feed readers per day too.

Now, some of those hits can be explained by the randomness of people finding me via search engines when they are looking for the “best blueberry muffin recipe” (that post alone is my ‘top performer’, with nearly 2000 hits as at this morning). But not all.

So who are you, my regular (and not so regular) readers? Curious minds want to know…




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23 04 2007

Well you know who I am, and I’m in the same quandary as you, and no matter how many times I’ve asked in the past, it’s almost impossible to lure the “lurkers” out to figure out who they are.

I’m still being pleasantly surprised day to day by people who read my own blog, but there are dozens that remain nameless.
Fun and frustrating all at once.

11 08 2008
Christie Hanses

I am, not too surprisingly, a web-surfer . . . how wonderful to be able to wander the internet at will, whenever (ah yes, sometimes in the wee small hours.) I have googled websites to find answers to questions, or to research some topic that interests me (Napoleon was a recent search), and also, to find recipes!! I have made banana breads and homemade lemonade, cookies, entrees . . . it is amazing how we all have our own tastes, and opinions about what is good or delicious! Some recipes have been worth the time and effort, and others not, but I suppose given I don’t belong to a quilting group or some pastoral rural community, where I like to fantasize groups of ladies (or gentlemen) share beloved recipes from past generations, I am irresistably (sp?) drawn to recipes (I love to read cookbooks!)
My daughter was a summer camp counselor in Michigan (near Glen Arbor), and a genuine perk was the summer produce that found its way home to us in the northwest suburbs of Chicago . . . cherries, sweet corn, and of course, blueberries!! Big, full-flavored, fresh blueberries. I have been curious to find a recipe worthy of these extraordinary berries (I have some frozen in the fridge), so here I am looking at ingredients and scrolling through reviews.
I hope this helps you better understand how some of us happen onto websites . . . it is great fun, and I want to try the recipe! Thank you for sharing . . . if you ever need it, I have a simply delicious apple crisp recipe!

11 08 2008

Thanks for sharing, Christie. I think it’s pretty cool that an Australian is sharing with you a Canadian recipe so you can make it in the USA. Gotta love the internet!

I hope you enjoy the blueberry muffin recipe!

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