Word Joneses

3 04 2007

(a.k.a. wordsmiths)

After work today we had our informal get together of the local tech writers group at a pub in Subiaco. Much wit and repartee and some terrible puns! Puns we couldn’t get away with in normal conversation with work colleagues or friends and family, but puns that had the appropriate level of groan response with that group.

Thanks guys – it was fun swimming with my own kind again.

Driving in the moonlight

3 04 2007

I left at 5:20am this morning for Perth and the moon was either full or as close to it as it can get. Which meant that the road was fairly well lit through the darkest and hairiest part of the drive from Bridgetown to Boyanup. Brilliant! I’ll have to plan my trips to Perth around the moon in future.

The trip was uneventful and I made it to work in just over 3.5 hours including a stop at the apartments to pick up my key. I went via South West Highway this time, and only hit traffic issues near the Causeway at 8:45am. Much better than a month ago when it took me 1.75 hours to get from Anketell Rd to Powis St on the ‘freeway’ (what a joke!). So all in all, a pleasant trip timed perfectly for me to get to my client’s site at 9:00am.