Balingup Small Farm Field Day

23 04 2007

A friend and I drove to Balingup (about 20 mins away) on Saturday morning to go to our first Small Farm Field Day. We got there just after 10:15 and it was already crowded. Just to put the size of the crowd into perspective, Balingup is a small town of around 800 people and some 10,000-15,000 people attend the Small Farm Field Day!

Balingup Small Farm Field Day

There were heaps and heaps of stalls with all sorts of things to see, taste, and buy – small farm machinery, animals (Lowline cattle [cute!], miniature horses, alpacas, chickens, puppies…), local food and wine, local clothing and crafts, a ‘food hall’ area, a stage with bands playing all day, native and exotic plants, etc. etc. It was a gorgeous day and quite hot.

Lowline bulls

For lunch we sampled two varieties of lamb -my friend had a roast lamb and gravy roll from The Lamb Van which she said was the most delicious she’d ever had, and I had a lamb kebab/souvlaki with hot chilli sauce from the BBQ Lamb stand.

Roast lamb and gravy roll from The Lamb Van

For more photos from the day, see pages 9-11 in this photo album.



2 responses

23 04 2007

It all looks and sounds awesome.
Is it strange that when I looked at the cow photo, my mind triggered a scent memory for cattle? I know that as soon as I saw the lamb roll my mouth started watering. I’d happily trade a protein shake for one right now! 😉

12 05 2007
Billy Bristol

The lamb does look awesome. Gotta try that and maybe add it to my barbecue meats rotation.

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