Smart wizard?

16 04 2007

… I don’t think so!

David Pogue, the NY Times technology guru/columnist had something to say about the complexities in setting up a home network, but really it was a rant about the overblown “Wizard” he was faced with when trying to install some Netgear hardware.

One reading his post, it sounds as though everyone from the developers to the lawyers had input into the Wizard – everyone, that is, except the tech writer or “user experience” (UX) expert! An hour of the tech writer or UX person’s time could have dramatically improved this Wizard… such a small price to pay – and much cheaper than lawyers!

Update on quilt workshop

16 04 2007

I had a lovely weekend doing something quite challenging, yet at the same time, meditative – quilting. We had about 11 ladies at the workshop, held by the delightful Michelle from Raggedy Stitches. The photo below is of the almost completed quilt top, with backing and wadding attached with pins. Not bad for two days – especially considering those origami-like things in the middle were very time-consuming to fold. Oh, and it rained buckets yesterday, which we were all delighted with. Maybe some of those dams will start to fill up now…

My quilt (unfinished)

Completed Mayflower quilt

Completed Mayflower quilt (added 30 May 2007)

Folded flower detail

Detail of 3D folded flower (added 30 May 2007)