Apologies for the sparseness of the posts

2 02 2007

Lots of stuff going on on a daily basis which is why I’ve hardly posted for a while…

The ‘stuff’ includes packing/purging, organising the move (how many places do you have to change your address? HEAPS! and they all have different rules. Except for the privacy issue, it’d be nice if you could just change them all in one place and be done.)

Then there’s the stuff happening at the ‘interim’ house we’ll be living in. The tenant moved out last weekend – so far, the electrician has been in and installed extra power outlets (more still to come), the painter (with my husband as his TA) is still going and will be for a few more days yet, the plumber has checked all the taps and hot water system and gas connections, the air conditioning guy has measured up the place where the a/c will go, the guy to install the extra TV and telephone outlets has been, the phone guy came, other trades etc. have all passed through, the garden crew have done a HUGE cleanup of the garden and back yard. Next week the plasterer comes, then sometime soon the security fly screens and doors go on, the new hot water system goes in (you guessed it – the old one has carked it!), the a/c gets installed, etc. etc. And in a few weeks the painter comes back to paint the plastered walls…

And it’s hot. At least I’m at work today where it’s air conditioned – but the guys are doing lots of physical work down there with no fans, no a/c, and it’s well over 36C, and expected to be more tomorrow.

Meantime, I’ve been in Perth working, packing more boxes, dealing with the computer guy who seems to have fixed my computer issues (I hope!), trying to sort my internet connection (that’s been the most difficult so far), trying to get changes of address done etc. I haven’t had dinner the past two nights as I’ve been busy dealing with other people -like the computer guy who turned up at 7:30pm just when I was about to cook dinner, and didn’t finish until after 10:30. Too late to eat then.

Tonight I’m going out to dinner with a girlfriend. I’ll take a break and drink large fishbowl margaritas with her at a Mexican restaurant in Freo (Fremantle). Tomorrow’s going to be another scorcher (40C+) and I’ll be in and out of the garage hauling boxes…. so a brief respite will be nice.

So that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet lately! Don’t expect too many more posts in the next couple of weeks until we’ve moved and settled in to the ‘interim’ house. (I’m gonna have to give that place a name – anyone got any bright ideas???)



One response

3 02 2007

Goodluck, and please send some heat and a fishbowl or two this way, and I’ll see what I can do about sending some cool breezes and some rain for the parched earth. 😉

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