More accolades for the gurus at PC Guru

26 02 2007

One of the critical things for me in this lifestyle shift ‘down south’ was the ability to continue working for my clients, albeit remotely. Computers and broadband access are an essential for me – and both MUST be working. Which is why I paid for a Guru from PC Guru to bring down the computers and install my network and get everything working.

And they did – with a minimum of fuss, and with almost no issues found after the guru had left. The couple of minor issues that I did encounter got resolved on Sunday (yes, they work on Sundays to fix customer problems!! in fact, they advertise 24/7 support).

I’ve given PC Guru a good write-up before – and I can only reiterate what I’ve already said about their professionalism, knowledge – and service! So, if you’re in Perth or Western Australia – hell, they do much of their support remotely, so it probably doesn’t matter where you are! – and you have PC support issues and aren’t a big enough business to have an IT person on staff, give PC Guru a try.

(No, this is not a paid advertisement – I’m just a very happy customer!)

Customer service

26 02 2007

I’ve talked about customer service before, and about how for me it’s often not what the issue is as much how it’s resolved. [Example 1, example 2, and example 3.]

Today I read two great articles on customer service: one was from Kathy Sierra’s “Creating Passionate Users” blog, a blog I read every time she writes a new entry – this one was titled: “What tail is wagging the ‘user happiness’ dog?“; the other was on “Seven Steps to Remarkable Customer Service” on Joel Spolsky’s site (referred to by Kathy). I read “Joel On Software” every so often, and invariably he – like Kathy – have messages that resonate with me.

If you have a spare few minutes, go ahead and read them both – they’re worth it!