Stuff and nonsense

17 02 2007

I still can’t believe how much STUFF we have, even though we’ve given a lot away to charity, to friends and family, and to the great garbage disposal in the sky. Currently, we have a 2 cubic metre ‘skip bin’ out the front to take all the last unwanted stuff from the garage/workshop, and already it’s about one third full. If we’d saved up all the other stuff we’ve already thrown out, then we’d have needed a much bigger skip bin!

Despite all that purging and tossing and relocating, the garage is FULL of boxes. We’re not big on acquiring stuff – or so we thought. It must breed of its own accord. When I think about what we’ve got that was hidden away in cupboards etc., I’m reminded of our friends in Chicago. Their place was chock-a-block FULL of stuff! And you could see all this stuff. We took a look in their garage and basement one day – you couldn’t move in either place for STUFF. We knew we didn’t register on their STUFF scale, but hell, it’s still surprising at how much there is. At last count, some 55 boxes are earmarked for the storage unit! Scary.

Oh, and my darling other half informed me last night that there are some 40+ cases of wine! (And he’s bought almost none for the past 4 months…)

Going without for a few days

17 02 2007

Well, the big move is nearly here. One more full day in our house, two more sleeps… And still there’s packing to do… not so much to go now, but it’s relentless!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we get disconnected from our broadband plan sometime during the day, so I won’t have access to this blog, the internet, or email. Hopefully I’ll cope… The PC Guru guy is scheduled to come at 8am Monday morning to pick up the ‘puter equipment and take it to their offices where they’ll do full backups etc. Then he is scheduled to drive to Bridgetown on Wednesday to install all the equipment and set up the office with the new broadband connection. That’s the plan! Let’s hope it all works according to plan…