Riedel wine glasses… but without the stems

30 01 2007

While we were at The Good Store on Saturday, we noticed that they also stock the eminently sensible (and useful) Reidel Riedel wine glasses, but wine glasses without the stems! According to the Riedel website they call them “O Tumblers“.

We have Riedel stemware and LOVE drinking wine out of it, but, like most people, we only bring it out for special occasions as it’s a bugger to wash and a bugger to have on the table. My husband does the washing up and he’s always frightened he’ll break a glass in the stainless steel sink when he’s washing it. They are really delicate, and the stems and the glass is so fine. Brilliant for drinking out of; hell to wash up! And guests freak out when leaning over the table to grab the vege platter or whatever when those huge wine glasses are in the way.

So these ‘tumbler’ wine glasses are just the ticket. There’s no stem, and they’re dishwasher safe. Which means you can drink out of Riedel glasses at any time without fear of knocking them over, or breaking the stems when washing them. Perfect for those meals in front of the TV that no-one admits they eat!

Yes, we bought some – $45 for a pair of the Cabernet/Merlot glasses.



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2 02 2007

These are fabulous glasses! I’m quite enjoying the fact that I’m throwing out all of our glasses each time one of them gets a slight chip, because they’re all going to be replaced with Reidel.
Much to Mark’s utter disgust, but they’re just so much more affordable here.
The tumblers are fantastic!

TV meals, wine and nice glasses, sounds like something to be proud of πŸ˜‰ Unless your wine is Chateau Cardboard πŸ˜‰

2 02 2007

No Chateau Cardboard! (though thanks – NOT! – for reminding me of that awful time…). However, I think even a Coolabah (do they still make it???) would taste reasonable in a Reidel!

I used to poo-poo the idea of the wine glass making much of a difference to the wine (unless of course you’re comparing a Vegemite glass to a real wine glass…), until we went to dinner at a very swisho restaurant in Perth some years ago (“Friends” at the Hyatt for anyone interested – fab food, brilliant wine list, superb service).

Anyhow, “Friends” serve all their wine in Reidel glasses. They put in just enough for the wine to come up to the first ‘bend’ in the glass which gives the wine as much surface area as possible to the air. And allows the esters to rise up and hit your nose in a most enjoyable way. We were hooked. That wine (which we’d had before and knew what it was like) was taken to another level.

I think I went out and bought some Reidel shiraz glasses the next day! The glass DEFINITELY makes a difference – and I wouldn’t say we were wine buffs by anyone’s stretch of the imagination!

3 02 2007

You realise that if you keep this up, there’s going to be a tragic accident in the kitchen and bar, where all the shelves collapse and everything is tragically shattered beyond belief…

Oops, oh no, now I’m going to have to splurge πŸ˜‰

3 02 2007

Let me know how much they cost in the US!

22 02 2007
Updates on the move… Day 3 « At Random

[…] cracked open a vintage Voyager Estate wine early in the evening and served it in the Riedel O-Tumblers to celebrate. Then instead of me cooking, we got pizza from the local pizza […]

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