High praise indeed

7 06 2006

I had a pleasant surprise in the Inbox today – my evaluations from the presentation I did at the AODC Conference in Cairns early last month. This was my first time presenting at this conference, so I was very pleased with the results and with my ranking as 3rd highest ranked speaker at the entire conference!

Here’s what I got (each score is an average out of 5, where 5 is “Outstanding”):

  • Speaker Skills 4.8
  • Speaker Knowledge 4.8
  • Quality of Content 4.8
  • Delegate interest in topic 4.7

Some of the written comments for this session (all unsolicited):

  • “Wonderful”
  • “I hadn’t thought I was interested, but it had heaps of useful info, so I’m glad I didn’t choose this session for a break”
  • “Spoke a bit fast. Great content”
  • “A great coverage of a lot of useful tools”
  • “A lot of content in time, but wouldn’t want it longer”
  • “Great practical session”
  • “Would have liked more demo stuff”
  • “Very useful review and tools”
  • “Great session. Not teaching us to suck eggs. Useful resources.”



One response

22 06 2006

I’m pleased to hear that other people enjoyed your sessions as much as they did.

Knowing you as I do, none of the scores surprise me or the comments (except the bit about you talking too fast…I’ve always thought you speak at the perfect pace). And you are exceptionally good at getting people interested in topics that they might have started out being rather apathetic about. A 90-minute demo of AuthorIT that you gave me a couple of years ago in Baltimore so sold me on the product that I ended up spending MY OWN money to buy a copy to use for teaching materials and such.

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