Just a little hoarse

4 06 2006

Well, the 'good Dockers' came out to play last night. You never know with this team – one week the bad team plays, the next it's the good team. Same guys; different attitude. The game against Richmond last night was a beauty – not as good as the Derby in May, and nowhere near as emotional and heart-stopping as the game against St Kilda last year in Round 21 when Justin Longmuir kicked the deciding goal after the siren… but it came close.

At half time the scores were level and by 3/4 time Richmond was leading by about 9pts. The Dockers had a resurgence in the final quarter and the goal by Shaun McManus put us 5 pts in front. Paul's brilliant goal in the final few minutes sealed the deal and put us 11pts in front – Shannon and I were ecstatic! The Dockers won and keep their place in the top 8 (currently 7th).

The big downside of tonight's game was an injury to the Dockers captian, Peter Bell. Like Shaun McManus and Troy Cooke, Belly has no concern for his life or limb when he goes for the ball. And he paid for it tonight with an injury to his lower calf that will keep him out of the playing team for a couple of weeks.

Did I have a voice at the end of the game? Nope! Did I care? Nope! Were Shanny and I over the moon? You bet! Pity the others had to leave earlier andmissed a great final quarter.
That's one of the things I love about going to the footy – unlike TV, you can yell and scream and no-one thinks anything of it, 'cos everyone else is doing the same! It's actually very cathartic – you can express emotions (highs and lows) in a way that wouldn't be acceptable in a work situation or perhaps even a family situation. You just can't get that with the TV broadcast. And the other thing you can't get with TV is the raw emotion of 35,000 people all chanting at the same time. Powerful stuff. (Despite this, I still watched the game again on TV when I got home… tragic!)