Outsourcing and offshoring

30 06 2006

This one came up on one of my email discussion lists the other day. Here is my off-list response to one of the people who responded to the initial post.


… Whenever the subject of ‘offshoring’ comes up, those of us who live and work in other countries usually get p***ed off by the “sky is falling” attitude of many in the US.

Living in Australia, I’m no different to someone living in India or China in that I don’t live in the US. Yet I doubt that the hue and cry over Australians getting ‘offshored’ work from the US would be as loud.

I suspect that Australians, New Zealanders, Brits, and Canadians aren’t treated with the same contempt and Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, whatever…

I suspect it’s a case of thinly-disguised racism.

And hell, offshoring or outsourcing has been going on for years and in every industry. The same people who complain about Tech Writer jobs being offshored to India/China etc. probably have no qualms at all about buying clothing made in those countries, or buying Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese electronics and vehicles. I guess they just don’t see that it’s a double standard that they’re applying.

In fact, many probably have home help – cleaners, gardeners, lawn mowing contractors, and the like. And I bet they don’t have any qualms about that either. My house cleaner costs far less than I make per hour, does a better job, and likes what she does. So why *wouldn’t* I outsource something I hate, don’t do well, and make a loss on?

Yet these same people complain about “their” jobs going to someone else – who might or might not live overseas. Gee, I wonder if they’d be as snooty and holier-than-thou if their job went to a fellow American who could do it for far less instead of someone in India or China.

<end of what became a bit of a rant!>

Down south… and lovely wines!

30 06 2006

We just couldn’t wait… well, I couldn’t anyway! Last Sunday we drove down to Bridgetown to check how the land development is coming along. We haven’t been down since December/January, and there’s at least two or so new houses up and others under construction, so it’s all happening! The roads and utilities are now in for the stage where the investment block is located, and the road and some of the utilities are in for the stage where the block we want to live on is located. It’s getting closer, though it’s still some years before our house will be built. A lot has to happen before it can even start!

Meantime, the drive south was lovely – as always. But it’s so DRY for this time of year. By now, all the paddocks should be lush and green, but they weren’t. We’ve had one of the driest winters on record so far and rain looks a long way off. The farmers are going to do it tough as they haven’t been able to plant their crops. Which means we all do it tough with rising prices, a flatter economy, etc.

One of the delights of the quick trip south (about a 7 hour drive all up there and back), was calling in to Wattle Ridge Wines and tasting some of the Two Tinsmiths range. Lovely wines… so much so that we purchased three cartons – two of cleanskins, and one of the 2002 Cab Sav. The Two Tinsmiths 2002 has some vivid memories for us – it was over a bottle of it that we made the decision last September to look for some acreage to move to in the next 5 years. The following day we put a deposit on the first block in Bridgetown (the one we want to live on) and two weeks later (after checking out our borrowing capacity first!) we put a deposit on the second block.