High praise indeed

7 06 2006

I had a pleasant surprise in the Inbox today – my evaluations from the presentation I did at the AODC Conference in Cairns early last month. This was my first time presenting at this conference, so I was very pleased with the results and with my ranking as 3rd highest ranked speaker at the entire conference!

Here’s what I got (each score is an average out of 5, where 5 is “Outstanding”):

  • Speaker Skills 4.8
  • Speaker Knowledge 4.8
  • Quality of Content 4.8
  • Delegate interest in topic 4.7

Some of the written comments for this session (all unsolicited):

  • “Wonderful”
  • “I hadn’t thought I was interested, but it had heaps of useful info, so I’m glad I didn’t choose this session for a break”
  • “Spoke a bit fast. Great content”
  • “A great coverage of a lot of useful tools”
  • “A lot of content in time, but wouldn’t want it longer”
  • “Great practical session”
  • “Would have liked more demo stuff”
  • “Very useful review and tools”
  • “Great session. Not teaching us to suck eggs. Useful resources.”