Bathroom renos: List of fittings etc.

13 03 2023

For my own reference in case I ever need to replace anything…

Bathroom reno done by Armanti in Bunbury, Western Australia. All warranties etc. held by them.

[Links last checked March 2023]

Bathroom renos: Day 19 (final day!)

13 03 2023

All done! Final tweaks and washdown done, carpet reinstated to doorway, and final payment made. I got the PM to install the old towel rails I’d salvaged from the strip-out to the backs of the sliding doors. Two towel rails only hold 2 towels, but not a damp bath mat, face washers, old towel to mop up excess water after squeegeeing the shower, etc. You can never have too many power points or towel rails!

I’m looking forward to a decent night’s sleep back in our own bed after a month in the spare bedroom!