Bathroom renos: Day 15

3 03 2023

The skip bin people were here bright and early to take the very full (and heavy) skip. The electrician arrived just before 8:30 to do the final electrical work (power outlets, light switches, exhaust fans) and was done by about 10am. No more tradies until Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday here) when the painter arrives. The OM covered over the new shower fittings in prep for the painter.

Full skip ready to be taken away this morning. Bye-bye bathroom!

New exhaust fan above shower (there’s a similar one in the toilet). Both the PM and the electrician say these are incredibly efficient, far more so than the previous ones we had.

Plastic protective covering over the new shower fittings in readiness for the painter on Tuesday.

TWO double power outlets! We only had one before, on that far right wall. And a new hand-towel rail.

Boring but functional—light and fan switches; the 3rd switch in the toilet is for the smart toilet.

Bathroom renos: Day 14

3 03 2023

Posting these pics a little late as the plumber didn’t get here until late afternoon. Progress today installing the pelmets for the sliding doors and fitting and testing all the plumbing fixtures, including the toilet.