Bathroom renos: Day 11

27 02 2023

The tiler and project manager (PM) here bright and early this morning. By lunchtime, the tiler had finished almost all the wall tiling, the PM made the surround for the in-wall toilet cistern, which the tiler mostly tiled. More time to cure, so they’d both left by lunchtime. The tiler will finish the last bits of tiling tomorrow and then do the grouting.

Later this week will see the return of the plumber and electrician, plus the painter, and most of the fittings will be installed. Next Monday is a public holiday, so the shower screen may not come until next Tuesday, but we should hopefully have a functioning bathroom sometime next week, a couple of days over the expected time. The doors won’t be installed until 14 March (I think), then I think the painter comes back to do those. And yes that now very yellow caramel paint will be replaced with a much lighter beach sand colour.



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