Two days = 3 quilt tops made

6 03 2018

I went on a four-day quilting retreat with friends in February, and made six quilt tops. One was mostly done — I just had to lay it out and add the connecting pieces — but the other five I made from scratch using the pattern I created for the second pink quilt top for the McGrath Foundation:

For two of them, I used my own Asian-style fabrics and I’ll post pics of them later, once I’ve finished binding them. (see and The other was a Christmas tree quilt:

For the other three, I used fabrics from the Community Quilt (CQ) fabric stash that my friend who hosts us has in her house. The CQ people are always wanting quilts suitable for males (i.e. not pink and floral!), so I raided her fairly large stash of plaids and darker-toned fabrics to make two of the tops. For the third, I found some bright yellows, greens, and blues, and made the final top (Update: I got to quilt this one too!). All have now been donated to the CQ program for finishing off and delivering to charitable causes.

For the first top, I used some denim and orange/red fabrics from my own stash, and added more blues and white shirting fabrics from the CQ fabric stash.

For the second, I used more denim and some plaids from the CQ stash.

For the final top, I used fabrics from the CQ stash in yellows, blues, and greens, with some splashes of orange.