Neat as a pin!

20 03 2016

Over Christmas we had an air conditioning condensate pump fail, and subsequently water overflowed into the ceiling space, specifically above the linen cupboard. The ceiling inside the linen cupboard partially collapsed and everything on the top shelf got soaked (we lost two quilts). Fortunately, we discovered it within a day or so, so were able to wash the other linens before mould set in.

Since then we’ve had the pump replaced (and then decided to get ducted air installed), put in an insurance claim (they paid!), and had the ceiling inside the linen cupboard replaced. I decided to purchase tubs for the linen cupboard to store the linen in case anything like this ever happened again. I’d done most of the repacking, labelling etc. but still had a few tings to go, which I finished yesterday.

By using tubs and arranging everything better, I have SOOO much more space in the linen cupboard now!

Here’s the second top shelf with linen and toiletries in vague order (you can see the bow in the ceiling where the water was, and a faint water mark):


And here it is all finished! Almost everything is in lidded tubs, and all the tubs are labelled.¬†Hopefully it will stay like this…






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