Baby quilt: Improv

7 09 2015

When I took out fabrics for the Kaffe Fasset baby quilt, I realised I had quite a few bits and pieces of solid colours in various fabrics (including some pink linen!) that matched each other. So, spurred on by the improvisational technique I used for my Challenge piece for 2015, I hunted out more, including small, awkward pieces from my stash boxes and started putting them together.

Much sewing, slashing, rejoining etc. later, and I had the improv blocks for this quilt. I added a border of the same aqua blue fabric from the Kaffe baby quilt, and a maroon and aqua binding. The backing fabric wasn’t quite big enough so I used a fat quarter (also slashed and rejoined) to join the backing fabric. Then I quilted it in an all-over spiral to counteract the geometric lines of the blocks, with a wave pattern in the border.

The end result is a small lap quilt, a large crib quilt, or a floor quilt for a baby to play on.

Click on a photo to view it larger)






Threads used:

  • Top thread: Robison-Anton ‘Mint Julep’ (40 wt, rayon, colour 2310)
  • Bobbin: Fil-Tec Magna Glide Classic pre-wound (white)



3 responses

7 09 2015

I would call this one “Raspberry Delight” and a delight it is! Wonderfully appealing.

16 09 2015

I really love the colours you have used in your quilts. Kaffe Fassett fabric really appeals to me, but have yet to be brave enough to use it. Anyway, my question is…did you use the paper piecing method for the above quilt?

16 09 2015

No. I haven’t used paper piecing in years. This was all sew two or more bits of fabric together, cut them in some way, join them up to other bits, and keep doing this until there’s a larger piece that I could then cut into a 6.5 inch block. Repeat until I had enough blocks. No pattern, no paper piecing, totally improvisational.

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