Community Quilt Bee June 2015

29 06 2015

I drove to Perth yesterday for one of the regular ‘bees’ for the Community Quilts participants. There was a great turnout — about 40 people by my estimation. Much of my time was spent out the back with about 5 others, sorting donated fabric.

After lunch Gwen, the Community Quilts Coordinator, thanked everyone and shared with the group the award she won at the recent Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne for her contribution to the Western Australian Quilting Association. And shared with us some of the recently finished community quilts. To top that off, she shared a cake that the lovely Janice had made (designed as a quilt block, of course!) and some bubbly.

It was a lovely day, spent with some lovely people. Despite being the middle of winter, my 3-hour round trip to Perth and back home again was dry and uneventful, with clear sunny skies all the way.








One response

29 06 2015

Wonderful time together, I’m sure, and love the cake!!!!!

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