Thread painting the corn

27 06 2015

When I was in Michigan last October (2014), I took some photos on my family’s farm in the crisp early mornings. The one I most liked of the corn ready for harvest I had printed onto fabric at my Quilting Adventures class in Texas this March (2015).

I finally got around to stitching it, doing something a bit different, which was fusing it to a piece of hard felt. I’d bought this piece of orange felt for another purpose, but had decided not to use it and when I pulled the cornstalks photo from my design wall to see what fabrics I could use as the background, it landed on the felt and a new idea came to mind… Prior to fusing it I decided to keep some of the white fabric the photo was printed on to add a quarter inch border between the photo and the felt and thus set it off like a mounted piece of art.

I only stitched the cornstalks, not the sky, and not the very fuzzy cornstalks in the background. It took several hours to do the stitching to enhance the photo, and I used quite a number of different threads in the process. I did this stitching on my domestic sewing machine, using the spring-loaded free motion foot.

I even like how the back turned out 😉

The photo is approx. 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inches), and the finished piece on the felt backing is approx. 25 x 30 cm (9.75 x 11.75 inches).

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27 06 2015

This geometric disappearing 9-patch quilt cried out for geometric quilting, so that’s what I did. I did a square ‘stipple’ all over the main quilt top, then ‘skyscrapers’ in the borders (yes, I made up that name!).

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Threads used:

  • Top: Wonderfil Mirage (30 wt, rayon?, colour SD29)
  • Bottom: Fil-Tec Magna Glide Classic pre-wound bobbin (grey)