Lawn – before and after

24 05 2015

I’ve had a chap (Simon) come out and advise me on some treatments for our lawn, which is a bit patchy and never really seems green. He was here earlier this week applying the chicken poo pellets (yes, there’s a distinct odour….), and the lawn feeding solutions (Power Feed and SeaSol). He advised me to NOT get the lawn mowed for a couple of months, and reckoned that after another application of the Power Feed and SeaSol in 2 weeks, and perhaps one more application, the lawn should be looking much healthier.

He also suggested I take a photo of the lawn ‘before’, so I did. However, I forgot to take the photo before he came, so this photo is of the back lawn about 3 days after the application of the goodies, and so there’s a slight brown tinge on the lawn from the chook pellets.

Let’s see how it looks in a few weeks…


Update 14 June 2015

This is how the lawn looks 3 weeks after the initial application of the goodies. Some of the dead patches are starting to show signs of life and the weeds are loving the fertiliser… (click the photo to view it larger)


Late October 2015

Wow! Look at it now. He said it would take several months, but promised that it WOULD come back. And come back it has!





Early December 2015

A week ago, Simon partially top dressed the back lawn with an organic soil improver/mulch. I took these photos one week later — the difference is dramatic! Even though you can still see the dark brown of the organic material, the new growth is a much richer, darker green than previously. I’m very pleased, especially as we’re coming into summer when the heat and relentless sun takes its toll on gardens. When I compare these photos to those I took back in May when we started the treatments, it’s hard to believe it’s the same lawn. In addition to the healthy colour, the lawn is now spongy, not crackling, underfoot and there are very few spots for the weeds to take hold.






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