Clearing kangaroos

13 05 2015

My Twitter feed has Tweets from our State’s roads people, and I have it filtered to get just the Tweets relating to the south-west of Western Australia. Here are a couple that came through a week or two ago – read up from the bottom:


What I want to know is how did the kangaroo get ‘cleared’ from the road? Did it just hop away? Did someone get out of their vehicle and chase it into the bush or farmland surrounding the road? Was some sort of ‘kangaroo clearing’ equipment brought in to clear the kangaroo? Curious minds want to know 😉

(I suspect it just hopped away.)

As an aside, I think Mandjoogoordap Drive — at 14 letters — must be the longest single road name in Western Australia!



One response

13 05 2015

Rhonda…….you are a “hoot”!!! Thanks so much for my morning giggle!!!

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